Mgr. Jana Davidová Glogarová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Jana Davidová Glogarová, Ph.D.
University of Ostrava
jana.davidova [na]
Wizytówka :

Jana Davidová Glogarová (Ph.D.; 1985), an assistant professor at the Department of Czech Language (Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava), and a researcher at the Centre for Economic and Social History (Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava), specializes in onomastics, text analysis, and modern Czechoslovak history. At the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava, he studied Theory and History of the Czech Literature (Ph.D.; 2013), Bohemistics and History (M.A.; 2009). Davidová’s main focus is research on proper names in texts, text analysis, and the research on relationships between names, society, and politics. She co-authored several books, e.g., focusing on Czech travel writings to the Soviet Union (Obrazy z cest do země Sovětů, 2017, with Jaroslav David); and more than twenty texts published in various prestigious venues (e.g., Slovo a slovesnost, Acta onomastica, Studies about Languages).

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